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WELCOME to my Weebly website and all things ICT.  My name is Anne and I am a passionate ICT Teacher. Before embarking on a teaching career I was a computer programmer, and have many years of ICT/Computing experience.   ICT is a fast developing technology and Web 2.0 tools are not just new toys for geeks, they are a new way to collaborate across the Internet, share information and interact with others.  Some of the Web 2.0 applications can be used in Education as learning and teaching resources/tools and in my experience engage the students and help them learn.


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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Educational Weebly Website

This is a great resource for students.  However, if they are under 13 years of age, parental permission must be sought before you can set-up their student account.

I have been using Weebly websites with various classes that I teach; a year 9 group and the COPE students.

There is a BLOG option for students, which can be moderated and approved by the teacher who set-up the account, and deleted if necessary!

Student Weebly Webpage

Click the image above, or here, to view Ailsa's website.
Or click Education WEEBLY.com to take you to their site.


Check out my Wallwisher.  I used it with my tutor group as part of the International School Collaboration Project working with COSAT in South Africa.  We researched their house system and posted our findings on the wall.  As this Wall is on the Internet and in the public domain, another College added their house details too.


Wordle is a tool for creating "word clouds".  To add interest to the start of your ICT lessons, I will be using Wordle.

Can you rearrange the words opposite and make a sentence from them?

If you would like to check out Wordle for yourself click here.
Sunday, 17 January 2010


As you know Literacy is very important.  You need to be able to communicate and spell words correctly.  I have set up an account on SpellingCity.com and have typed in some important ICT keywords.  Why not check out the link opposite.


Click <here> to access this site
and test your spelling ability!
Monday, 8 February 2010


Here's another fun, learning interative, online website for all you music lovers.  Click on the link opposite and try composing your own music.


Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I have been trialling MindMeister, which is a collaborative mindmapping sofware program, with my year 12 AS students.  Check it out.


My youngest daughter had to design a poster for English and I introduced her to Glogster.  This is an interactive poster design program for education.  You can add video and sound to enhance your design.  It can also be printed out.